Carolina Fernandes has a master's in cultural production with a specialization in cinema at Maine Media College in the United States and has been a director and audiovisual producer based in Amazonas for 12 years. Trained by the British and French TV industry, over a 10-year period, she has experience in directing and producing factual entertainment series, high-profile entertainment programs, reality and observation documentaries with BBC credits, National Geographic Channels, Smithsonian Channel, HBO, Netflix, Facebook Watch, Al Jazeera English, Channel 4, Discovery International, Animal Planet, Arte France, among others. In addition, she produced and acted as first assistant to director Luiz Bolognesi in the film Ex-Pajé, winner of the Special Prize of the documentary jury at the Berlin Festival. Her work closely approaches the Amazon, always witnessing the enormous capacity of this region to preserve itself while transforming its landscape and its people.